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Here, at Neighborhood Locksmith Store we understand that your residence is your safe abode and it is necessary that you feel safe and secure in your own sanctuary. Your most prized valuables are there and protecting them is obviously very important to you. We consider the safety of you, your loved ones and your belongings our most important priority and take care of all your locksmith needs. Whether it involves dealing with an emergency lockout or simple locks rekeying, our residential locksmith services department has profound expertise in all aspects of home security. 

In order to meet modern day residential lock & locksmith needs, locksmiths must complete a full term as an apprentice under the supervision of a master locksmith, which serves to train the apprentice in the various methods of locksmithing. They are also required to have an advanced formal education to become a part of our team. Neighborhood Locksmith Store takes immense pride of the fact that all its technicians can take up anything from simple lock repair tasks to complex locksmith issues that require vast technical expertise such as handling residential lock outs, working with master key systems, provision for high-security keys and more.

While a majority of our calls are for routine issues, such as facilitating emergency unlocking or providing key duplication and key cutting services, we also have locksmiths who are qualified to advice you on security issues. Our locksmiths specialize in addressing home security issues and have helped secure countless apartments and condos. We can help you to decide what locking system will work best for you. Right from changing door hardware (knobs, bolts, etc.) for complete security of your facilities to installation of high-security locks, the Neighborhood Locksmith Store team is well-trained to handle every challenge that comes its way.

The highlights of our residential locksmith services include:

Neighborhood Locksmith Store San Diego, CA 619-824-3408

  • 24/7 locksmith service in San Diego, CA area
  • Quick fix for residential lockout issues
  • Guaranteed 15-minute response time
  • Cost-effective lock repairs and replacements
  • Installation of high-security locks
  • Master key system for entire home
  • Key duplication and key cutting services
  • Door repair and new door installation
  • Rekeying of door locks
  • Garage door locks installation and repair
  • Easy tenant eviction services
  • Overnight locks replacement
  • High-security entry door locks 
  • Mailbox locks and cabinet locks installation
  • Push bars and panic bars installation
  • Peephole and installation

And more

Our expertise combined with state-of-the-art infrastructure makes Neighborhood Locksmith Store, the number one choice for quality residential locksmith services. From a mobile locksmith fleet that’s stocked with avant-garde tools, to a team whose competence is yet to be challenged by any other service provider in the arena, no one can beat us in terms of  quality, affordability, reliability and quick service!

Whether you want to recode the lock tumblers in your home, or require a master key for all of your locks, or need overnight lock replacements that prevent ex-tenants from re-entering your premises, or vandalizing it, Neighborhood Locksmith Store is the one-stop service provider for all your residence’s lock & locksmith needs and can enhance your home’s security to an all-time high. Not only do such advanced locks protect your home and your belongings from external risks, but it can also lower insurance premiums. Need we say more?

Give us a call, our residential locksmiths will swiftly arrive on the scene, evaluate your property and lock away all your locksmith and security worries!